Atlanta navigation tips needed
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I will be in Atlanta next Thursday for the day. Driving down from NC. My question is, should I pick a MARTA park & ride station on the outskirts or drive all the way in to the convention center? I'll be arriving early afternoon & leaving around 9pm. Last time I was there I flew in & took MARTA train to the GWCC in 2010.
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Best answer: Arriving "early afternoon" means "just in time for traffic." I would take a look at the MARTA rail schedules so you know when to expect a train at one of the outer stations -- Coming in on 85, I'd say the Doraville station would be your bet. For your return trip, please note both Red and Gold line trains go to Lindburgh station, but if you are on the Red line once you get to Lindburgh, you have to GET OFF THERE and wait for a Gold line train to get to Doraville.
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Response by poster: Thank you! Is it relatively safe to park & ride? I'll be alone & am a woman.
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Best answer: In general it is safe to park and ride. I am not overly concerned about MARTA stations outside of Five Points, to be honest. Just take sane, normal person safety precautions and you should be fine. Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered. ;)
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Response by poster: HA! many thanks.
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Perhaps this is slightly off-topic, but if "early afternoon" means "around lunchtime" there are a multitude of delicious cheap eats near the Doraville station.
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Best answer: I used to live near there and ride MARTA daily. Parking at Doraville is crammed, unless you're in the parking deck, which means spiraling up to the top going in and coming out. Much easier to park at Chamblee station just ~2miles down the road and still very close to lots of that Doraville/Chamblee deliciousness.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the heads up, conscious matter.
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