Low nightstand suggestions to match new bed?
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I am so happy, I have a new grown-up bed that I love! But now I need to get lower nightstands. I would like something that matches the style of the bed, with a drawer, and between 14-20". Here are some stock photos of the bed, but instead of the mattress pictured, imagine a thinner futon mattress. I am on a budget but can be convinced to splurge a little. Can you help? Zinus Ironline Low Profile Platform Bed
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Would something like this work?
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The link isn't showing, agatha_magatha, can you repost? Excited to see!
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Nothing specific, sorry, but you can search wayfair.com and restrict the height (and other dimensions) of the results--that's how I found the tall nightstand I was looking for!
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This Ikea offering is pretty basic enough that it could coordinate, and it's the right size.
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What about a floating shelf with a drawer, so you could just attach it to the wall at the desired height? Ikea used to sell one- I don't see it with a quick glance on their site, but here's a shop that sells similar things on Etsy just to show the idea.
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The "wood" on this IKEA nightstand is a bit darker than the headboard, but the wood/steel aesthetic is about right. It depends a bit on whether you have the grey or black metal frame for the bed.

On the splurgy side, there's this from Crate & Barrel.
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Shoot, I lost the link. I searched for "Storage drawers" and it came up --I will keep looking.
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Found it!
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I have a Zinus platform bed. I have these nightstands.

My mattress sits right on the slats (not pillowtop, no box spring) and the top of the table is flush with the top of the mattress.

I like them a lot, even though they are MDF and I would have preferred something solid wood. They are sturdy, no flimsy chipboard or that ikea not-wood cardboard stuff.

I got two for $48 each; they are $99 currently but go on sale often. That particular color might be a touch dark to match the wood on your bed, but I think it would work with the iron. They also come in a few different colors if the espresso ain't for you.
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Don't limit yourself to only browsing nightstands, as they seem to run taller on average. Quite a lot of end tables are within your height range.
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