Best inexpensive office chair for a fidgeter?
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I've been given a budget of $200 to choose my own office chair and am looking for specific chair recommendations or advice on how to search for what I want. I tend to sit upright or lean forward. I also fidget and shift position a lot, so I appreciate chairs that don't get in my way or force me into one posture. Additional specs inside.

  • I typically sit at my desk for 2-3 hours a day, using a laptop for most of that time.
  • I "run hot" and quickly become uncomfortable if my body heat can't dissipate.
  • When chairs have adjustable height, I usually adjust to the higher end, although I'm not especially tall (5'9"). This is just what feels comfortable.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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I really like the tall IKEA office chairs, MARKUS ($229), and find them nicer than many much more expensive chairs. I have one at home and one at work. I think it has all the features you want.

You should probably go and try a few chairs in person though.
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As a fidgeter, I really dig my exercise ball office chair
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If you go try out the selection at Ikea, check out this chair - it seems like it might fit your needs (unless you want a backrest). It has a somewhat rounded bottom to encourage movement, and the maximum height is quite high (high enough to use with a standing desk, probably). If you're used to sitting straight, it might be a good fit.
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I use a Swopper which is outside of your price range - but there is a chance they can be found used. Prior to that I had a different rocking stool with a lower price point (I don’t recall the brand) but less adjustability and durability. I’ve had my Swopper for about 8 years of heavy use - though now I mostly use a Pono Board with a desk riser for my monitor for a standing work station.

Standing has done the most good for me fidgetwise, but the Swopper was also very helpful.
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Steelcase Leap. $200 isn’t much. So buy used.
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