What are the best left-wing email newsletters?
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I am quitting social media, but I need a substitute for all the useful political links it provides me. What are some left-leaning email newsletters that can fill this void?

I am US-based so US politics preferred but not required. Non-left newsletters that help pop my informational bubble also welcomed.
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Judd Legum's Popular Information is a nice analysis newsletter. He was a founder of ThinkProgress, but left to publish the newsletter. So far I've found it useful.
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I just joined the Sludge email newsletter mailing list (scroll down that page to see the "Join our Newsletter" box), and I've already learned A TON about US political campaign financing.
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The What a Day newsletter, from Crooked Media (makers of podcast Pod Save America)
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I use a combination of Harpers Weekly Review, Democracy Now, Lit Hub, and Utne.

I haven't found a good mainstream newsletter I like, so for that I've just bookmarked the BBC and the thin version of NPR.
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DSA has a monthly newsletter called The Stacks. I don't believe you have to become a member to subscribe (the subscription link starts with a survey page but I think it's just a survey, not a sign-up).
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Seconding WTFJHT. My husband reads that religiously.
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I like Next Draft by Dave Pell. He provides writeups on 10 or so topics a day and his mail comes out about 1pm in the afternoon (Pacific time) - just in time for the afternoon break browsing.
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There are also the metafilter politics megathreads, if you just want to mainline all the links.
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Seconding the megathread, you can check out any time you like...
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Tech Workers Coalition sends a weekly email newsletter with a bunch of links/updates about political activism/resistance in the tech industry.
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I've been using Metafilter, The Cut and Buzzfeed these days.
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Both Axios and The Washington Post have good newsletters. I'm not sure how lefty they're, but they seem to fit my traditional news organization needs, and I'm moderately left of center.

The best part of the WaPo newsletters, such as the Daily 202, is that you never have to touch the Post's paywall. There's one in-depth article and lots and lots of brief summaries, written like a good newspaper lead, that give you enough information to be informed.

I second or third or whatever Dave Pell's NextDraft. I really have no words for how good he is, or how much I've come to depend on seeing NextDraft most days (the guy does get to take vacations now and then).
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