possible insect nest?
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I am cleaning some bookshelf in my old room, and i have just noticed some tubolar mud things grappeled to some book covers, that look like insect nests. Photolink inside

Google is not helping?
How worried should i be and what to i do about them?
To my knowledge there has not been any insect invasion in the house
(yes the Zimmer Bradley book will go out anyway, just don't want to get stung in the process)
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Those are empty mud dauber egg chambers. Perfectly harmless, even if they're not empty... unless you're a spider or other small insect.
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Yes, those are little wasp nests. Most likely a mud dauber. I love mud daubers, they are solitary wasps who are not aggressive and who do not sting (though they are capable of stinging if you picked them up or stepped on them). They are very handy pest control in the garden as they will collect caterpillars and other insects to feed their young. I would watch these nest cells for a little bit to see if a wasp is still actively building or caring for them. If not, just take them outside and put the little clay nests somewhere protected in case they may yet still hatch. If a wasp is still visiting, block her entrance to your house, and take the nest outside, placing it somewhere not too far away so she can find it again. There is no need to worry about having mud daubers in your yard, they are harmless, beneficial insects.
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These cells still look active, as they have smooth edges. Inhabited ones are sealed, and old ones have the end broken off as the young wasp breaks out. Mud daubers are quite large: I'd definitely notice them if they were in a house.

They're pretty harmless, unless you're a spider or an aeroplane.
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