Shin pain at night
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Within the past week I’ve been waking up with mild to moderate pain in the front of my right leg (but only my right).

Kinda like shin splints, but without the associated exercise? The first time it happened was the worst so far. I walked around a bit, then it dulled to a milder ache. These past 2 nights have been milder. Should I be worried? Otherwise healthy mid-30s female, on the pill but nothing else. I do sometimes have to remind myself to keep hydrated. I’m on my feet a lot at work, and do wear comfy shoes. YANAD, but I’m wondering if I need to see one.
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Yes, I would go to your doctor for this. (IAAD but not in the relevant specialty.)
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Seconding seeking qualified advice whenever you notice something about you the isn't right. For reasons.

That being said..... in this particular case, and stay with me because this might sound a little dumb, but you stand a lot - is it possible your shoes are either very new or getting rather worn? And maybe you sleep on your back? And maybe your sheets tucked at the bottom?

The dorsiflexion required to 'fight' the plantar flexion pattern (the sheets pulling your toes away from your shins) is minor but it's relatively static and sustained which makes it tiring which can give you shin cramps.

Try untucking your sheets, ditching the summer footwear (toe gripping and dorsiflexion when you walk are both results of seasonal footwear like sandals and flip-flops) and see if it helps.

But, y'know, only so you can log it and bring the notes to either your doctor (or possibly PT) when you get the appointment.
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How tight are the foot of your sheets? I can do a number in my sleep by pressing against tight sheets all night. If you are forced to point your toes, your shins are going to hurt.
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Thirding the doctor, if this is what is referred to as "rest pain" it can be indicating a serious vascular issue in your leg. Google "rest pain in leg" and see if you have any other associated symptoms.
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