Help me at the end of my rope
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I have this hanging planter, that hangs with a rope through three holes. But it doesn't hang level! The ropes all thread through a small hole, and there's an end knot at the end of each (see photo here).

I can undo the knots, but it's really tricky with that small amount of rope to place a knot in the exact spot where it will be level.

The other option is some kind of stop sleeve like this , but I've never crimped anything before, and it seems like its mainly designed for wires.

Any suggestions?
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How do they connect at the top? That might be easier to adjust than the bottom/at the planter.
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User three equal strands of rope. Tie a knot in the same spot in all of them. Put a strand of rope through all three holes.

Now hold the other ends of the three ropes in your hand, with the plant hanging level below. Tie them all together into a knot.

Tie a fourth piece of rope below that knot and use that to hang the plant from.

Alternately, rather than use three knots, use a single long piece of rope. Knot it in one hole, back up the the hanger. Loop it from the hanger back down to a second hole. From that hole have it run through the planter to the third hole and back up. You should now be able to adjust each strand until it's level.

Another option is to use a knot like a tautline hitch in each hole. These can be easily adjusted and stay put under tension. This hitch may not be the best knot for this situation, but it should work. There are probably better adjustable knots to use.
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The more I think about it the more I think the adjustable knot is the way to go.
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Can you replace the rope? Tie knots in new rope, then measure and cut them the same length from the knot.
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Thanks for the answers. The top looks like this. It has fancy loop things that I'd have trouble reproducing.

I'm not sure where to find that kind of decorative rope, although I guess that might be an option.

An adjustible knot seems cool, but there's just not that much rope to deal with (the knot needs to be like 0.5 cm more proximal).
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If one strand is too long, get some other fairly thin rope and tie knots in that rope wrapped around your too long strand between the existing knot and the planter.
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Start with weeping_angel's script. At each of the other ends, tie bowlines (which are easy to untie, adjust, and re-tie). Slip all three loops over the hook.
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Maybe just pull the errant rope end inward until the pot hangs level, then use a marker to mark where you'll want the new knot.
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OMG, just a bit of extra string worked great! Have a look here:

Saved me a trip to the hardware or craft store!

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