Most comfortable women's pants ever
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Calling all pants that feel like pajamas!

I've decided to prioritize comfort in my wardrobe. I'm looking for recommendations for brands/specific pants that feel as comfortable as possible and are not restrictive.

-They must come in a petite/short length.
-I'm 29 and I wear a size 4 or 6.
-I like skinnies, girlfriend/boyfriend cuts, and wide legs.
-Fabrics that don't require ironing/steaming strongly preferred
-Elastic/stretchy/pull-on waists preferred
-I have leggings, I like leggings, but I don't always want to wear long shirts and LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS
-There's no dress code at my work, so they don't need to be "business-y" per se, but I need to look fashionable (e.g. no ACTUAL pajamas, fleece joggers, etc.)
-I live in Chicago so I will need both summer and winter styles.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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I'm very fond of the Soho Jogger from Athleta. It has enormous pockets and comes in a delightfully cozy lined version as well.
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Old Navy linen blend pants are quite nice.
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I cannot say enough about Lee Dream Soft pants. They're called leggings, they mostly feel like leggings, they look nothing like leggings. Pull on, 4 real pockets, great colors, buy immediately. (They're also on Amazon and whatnot, but I liked to the Lee page)

Also though, please don't be afraid to get stuff tailored if it's too long! It's pretty cheap and opens doors for more options (signed, a short person)
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Uniqlo's EZY range come with stretch waists and they look surprisingly formal for what I am told are very comfortable pants (never worn them myself but I have friends who swear by them).
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Also going to drop Betabrand's Dress Pant Yoga Pant in here as another option. Note they come in a bunch of cuts.
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Seconding brainmouse. Betabrand's Dress Yoga Pants are shockingly comfortable and sweatpant like, and their short-petites are prefect for me as a 5'3 lady with wee little legs.

Only downside is that they don't always have the short-petites always in stock, so sometimes you have to wait for a couple weeks for them to show up.
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American Giant
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I like Talbots Bi-Stretch pants for work. They look fairly tailored but are stretchy and comfortable. There are quite a few styles, including a number of pull on options.

They're great for me because the "curvy" cuts don't gap in the waist the way most pants do on me, even stretchy ones (I'm looking at you, Betabrand). If you don't have this problem, you'd probably want to avoid the ones with that cut.
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I have 3 pairs of the Lulu Lemon On the Fly pants. They are easily the most comfortable pants I own - elastic waist, skinny/tapered leg, and can definitely be dressed up or down. I wear them to my business casual work environment with a silk blouse tucked in and heels, or out on the weekend with sneakers and a tank. Super versatile and so far the quality has been great (which cannot be said about all other lululemon products).
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I've been proselytizing maternity pants forever! I am not preggo myself and I am a 26-27 in jeans so this doesn't just work for women with a belly. You need to buy pants with stretchy side panels in the same color as the pants or at least black (example) rather than an all around band (example), and you need to size down one size (if you are not actually pregnant). The combination of stretchy panels and sizing down is magic! Your butt will look really good, you will not get creases in the front from sitting down, and your tops will lie flat like in a catalog. Needless to say, the comfort is supreme - there is simply no comparison to non-maternity pants, no matter how stretchy.
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Ok I recently bought a pair of "Thai fisherman's pants" for a pirate-themed LARP and man are they comfy as all get out. huge leg, adjustable "waistband" (you do have to retie the waist every time you use the bathroom, though).

The gigantic leg width might be too casual for a work setting? Depends on how hippy-friendly your office is.
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I wear pretty much exclusively Uniqlo jeggings these days and I don't even care if that's hideously passe. Real pockets in the back, denim-y looking (decent weight) non-shiny fabric, a fake fly in the front. WTF do I know but I think the black ones look legitimately chic.
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I like Uniqlo's rayon pants for this. The drape pants are on the edge of being too pajama-y, but I've definitely worn mine in public without outright mockery ensuing. Comes in wide leg also
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Uniqlo's Jersey Flare Pants are legitimately more comfortable than my pyjama pants.
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Thanks all! I marked a few as "best answer" just because I decided to order a bunch of things from Uniqlo and see if it works, but I appreciate everyone's responses.
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FWIW I ordered a pair of the Lee Dream Soft Leggings based on this thread and they are, indeed, very comfortable.
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