Best Nespresso refillable pods?
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None of the refillable pods for Nespresso machines seem to have great reviews...any personal recommendations for which pod system is best, and/or tips to get better espresso from the refillable pods?
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I didn't try Nespresso refillables, but did with the Keurig refillables, and after a bit of time spent experimenting with different grind sizes and amount of coffee in the pod and how tightly to pack said grinds etc, I gave the whole thing up as a bad job and just used an Aeropress instead, which seems much more forgiving, especially as fishing out the reusable pod from the empties bin and cleaning it was precisely No Fun. So my advice is "Screw it: Aeropress", but if that doesn't appeal, then at least make sure you have a grinder with a consistent grind (or find a pre-ground coffee that works well), and a scale, so you can pack a consistent amount in once you've found a grind/weight combo that is to your taste.
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If the plastic waste is what you're trying to avoid, there are compostable capsules from Colonna Coffee. They are pricey (US$.85) each, though, and the type of coffee is quite different from the other capsules I've tried. There's not nearly as much crema and body, though the flavor is intense, almost provoking a synesthesic reaction that I'm drinking purple.
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