Phone interview out of state, should I mention I’ll be in their town?
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I have a phone interview with a company out of state. Very excited about the job and don’t want to mess it up! Coincidentally, I already bought a ticket to visit that city to see my partner. Would it be weird to mention I would be in town and if they would like to meet in person, I would be available? Bonus Q: is it terrible to ask for a 5pm interview if I have a packed schedule at my current job?

The interview is this week.

I am in their town in two weeks.

I planned to only mention this if the phone interview went well.

If I should mention it, what would be the best way to say it?

Should I mention it at the end of the interview, or in a thank you email afterwards?

I thought about waiting until if I make the second round, but it might be a while until then and then I’ve missed an opportunity to meet them when I’m already there.
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I would mention it either at the end of the interview (if it's going super well) or in the thank you email. Just a breezy: "In case it's relevant, I'll be in *town name* the week of x."

Is your bonus Q asking about your upcoming phone interview? In my experience, most employers are flexible about scheduling as it is completely understandable that you have to juggle around your current job. If you also show some flexibility on your end as well there is no harm in mentioning your preferences due to scheduling.
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As someone who occasionally interviews job candidates, I would appreciate hearing that you would be in my city in the near future. Mention it at the end of the interview if you think it has gone well, and mention it again in the thank you email.

There's nothing wrong with suggesting a 5pm interview time. They know you have obligations to your current job. However, understand that the time may not work for them and be prepared to offer an alternative or two.
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Yes, this would be for the phone interview and the 5pm time!
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Not weird at all, and possibly very helpful.

It is reasonable to ask for a 5pm interview, but it may not be feasible for them to grant that. Can you take a long lunch, or have a "doctor's appointment" you "forgot you scheduled 6 months ago"?
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I wish! But we have a time zone difference and I have immovable work obligations that day. I did propose a couple other times besides 5pm, and another day with a more flexible schedule, so I’m hoping something will work out. Thanks all!
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I've done both "before hours" and "after hours" phone AND in person interviews - suggesting it is fine, but agreed you should have an alternative or three in case that doesn't work out.
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I’ve been interviewing while with a busy schedule at my current job. What’s worked well is taking a “late lunch,” and ducking out quickly at 1 or 2. YMMV.

At the end of the interview you could ask what their timeline is for moving forward. This would be a good time then to say you’ll be in town and happy to do an in person meet.
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I've only worked at companies where interviews take all day, so a 5pm slot would not be possible. Maybe your industry is different.
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