Can you recommend a t-shirt like this old Madewell style?
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I really liked this Madewell t-shirt. I'm looking for something similar--lightweight, 100% cotton, fitted and slim but not too clingy, with a v-neck that's not very low or a crew neck, sleeves set at the shoulder rather than dropping. Also fairly long, as I'm tall. I don't like their newer v-neck as much. Any recommendations?
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I'd check out Patagonia, Uniqlo, United by Blue and Prana. I've either bought or seen shirts that match those criteria from all of those retailers. If you have Amazon Prime, their Basics series also includes shirts that match your criteria although the range of colors is limited. Ann Taylor Loft also makes shirts like these, but they don't last as long as the other brands I mentioned. Hope that helps!
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I’ve got one of these Levi’s v-necks & I LOVE it - hangs really nicely, so very soft. Ticks your boxes but doesn’t have a pocket. I’m 5’8” and its length works very well for me, I think it’d work well for someone a bit taller, too.
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I happen to love Duluth Trading Products. They fit great, last forever, and come longer than most t-shirts.
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Try Everlane, too.
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J. Crew for sure. Not only do they own madewell but I feel like I have that same shirt.
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Consider Splendid. I find their tops to be extra comfortable and easy to wear.
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Recommendation for Groceries Apparel. I recently bought a few and they are very soft. They also come in different necklines.
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Target's Merona line makes v-necks exactly like that.
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