Boston hotel with adjoining rooms or other setup for kids
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Do you have a recommended hotel in Boston that has adjoining rooms or another good set up for kids?

Headed to Boston with kids. It is insanely difficult to figure out online if a hotel has adjoining rooms or a "suite"-type setup that is good for traveling with kids. There is tons of SEO/spam out there that makes Google searches basically useless - every hotel shows up as possibly having adjoining rooms, but the information is vague and unhelpful. There are "suites," but usually these are just slightly larger rooms without any actual separate space.

Our ideal set up would be some form of separated space (i.e., a door) that would allow us to put the kids to bed before we go to bed - two connected rooms or a "suite"-type set up with at least a nook our a couch or something where we could spread out. You'd think somebody would market this kind of thing, but it seems not.

Aiming for downtown/Boston Commons area but flexible.
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Honestly, it's much easier if you call hotels convenient to where you are headed rather than try to book online; yes you might miss out on some discount, but it's the only way to get what you actually need/want.
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Prepare your wallet

Eliot Hotel
Langham Hotel
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The correct term you are looking for is "interconnected" rooms, separated by a common door between them. Chains like Hiltons and Wyndhams tend to have them. Best to call each hotel individually to get exactly which rooms are set up this way. They're not on every floor.
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Have you thought about looking at AirBnB or similar? Might find an apartment, and its likely to cost less too. The full kitchen you'll probably have is handy with kids too.
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I believe the Liberty Hotel has them, but you should call to make sure they set them aside for you.

Boston, as you might have discovered, has ridiculous rules about bringing in cots or fold-out sofas. It's basically impossible. When I go there with my family we end up crammed into two beds, which is not ideal.
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If there are any Embassy Suites near where you want to be, those are all suites, with separate living room/bedroom areas. Plus you get free breakfast and cocktails.
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Nine Zero and the Parker House, both near the Common, both have suites with separate "living" space. Suites don't come cheap.

I agree with those who say it would be worthwhile to call. A lot of those older hotels do have doors between adjoining rooms that can theoretically thus be merged, but I'm not sure if it's ever possible to book those online (unlike suites).
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The Omni Parker House has a Freedom Trail Family Suite, with a kid's sleeping nook and a common area, along with the bedroom. We just stayed there - not in the suite, in a regular room - and it is right on the Freedom Trail, a block or two from the Commons. If you can afford it, I recommend it!
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There's a Doubletree Suites across the river from Cambridge that has this setup, though it's not right downtown. (Main room has a Murphy bed and couches, bedroom is separate and has a door).
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Every hotel I've stayed at in Back Bay and downtown for work has had connecting rooms. I am a Marriot loyalist, for what it's worth.
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Homewood Suites (right on the line between Cambridge and Arlington) will fit the bill nicely.
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Another vote for Airbnb. Cheaper and more convenient with kids.
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A few options that may be useful:

- Search Google for Boston all suite hotel to identify a shortlist of hotels that are all (or mostly) suites. You can then search directly on the hotel website and likely get an accurate description of the room.

- Use (part of Priceline Group) and try a few of their filters, one at a time: Property Type: Apartments, Room Facility: Kitchen/Kitchenette, Facility: Family Rooms, Meals: Kitchen facilities. This will return a lot of multi-room units.

- Stay Alfred manages a ton of apartments as hotels in Boston. I stayed with them once (in Boston) and everything went as expected.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, you convinced me to get an airbnb.
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