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Can you think of wrestling puns to entertain my (30-something, academic, nerdy, understands-wrestling-is-ridiculous) boyfriend on a road trip to see some wrestlers?

My boyfriend and his friends are driving from Virginia to Chigaco to see the ALL IN wrestling match over Labor Day weekend. They are all academic professors in their 30's and love wrestling as part nostalgia, but also as entertainment and spectacle totally outside of their normal jobs/routines. I want to surprise him and his friends with a road trip package of snacks and fun stuff to kill time, and would like to include wrestling puns/notes in their care package. A list of wrestling puns connected to car rides/travel would also be fun, like "Make sure everyone is ALL IN the car before heading out." (I obviously need help!)

My boyfriend's favorite is Kenny Omega, and I'm planning to attach a note to some candy that I hope they aren't TOO SWEET. That's all I have so far! All puns/jokes wanted-dad jokes, nerdy jokes, smart puns...I want to know em and throw em. Thanks, guys!
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They're going on a "road trip"; they're going on a (Cody) Rhodes trip.
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The outside of the package should say "SADDLE YER PONIES." That will weed out the johnny-come-latelies.
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Work in as many references to this as you can especially ARM BAR

I will have more later.
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if you pass a particularly fragrant restaurant you can ask if he can "smell what the rock is cooking".
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a road trip package of snacks

Can you package something savoury in a sweet wrapper, and something sweet in a savoury wrapper for heel and face turns?
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Toss an umbrella in the car because he's going to see The Rainmaker.
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