Seek quotation about god's surprise for us at death
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Many years ago I read a quotation in a book by some woman - possibly a religious book. In it was a quotation from a rabbi that said something like, God provides a wonderful surprise after death--something like that. I have searched all over with all sorts of terms--can't find it. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel seemed like a potential source but no luck. Wish I had written it down, but I was young and no one I knew was dying at the time. Any leads?
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See if any of these titles, from a Google Books search, sound familiar. There are several options to choose from.
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There is this from the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, by Muriel Spark:

"In some ways the most real and rooted people whom Sandy knew were Miss Gaunt and the Kerr sisters who made no evasions about their belief that God had planned for practically everybody before they were born a nasty surprise when they died."
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Thanks. It remains a mystery where I read the quotation. Wasn’t some cheesy “Christian” book, that’s all I remember. And it was a good surprise, although I am now wanting to re-read The Prime...!
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