What to do with a four hour layover in Bangkok
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Hi all I will be stuck at Bangkok airport for 4 hours in the afternoon later on this month. Can anyone tell me what there is to do at Bangkok airport? Is there enough time to go outside the airport (if so to where?) or should I just pack a good book?
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Iirc it's waaaay outside of town, not much around it but highway, and with traffic 4 hrs would be too short a time to do something meaningful in the city proper.
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Enjoy your book. Suvarnabhumi has the usual complement of duty free shops and restaurants, same but it's not near the city. Immigration lines are long and slow, both entering and exiting (which you'd need to pass through).
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Yeah, you’re looking at an hour or so each way to get into the city proper. Plus, if you are flying to an international destination from Bangkok you’ll have to go through passport control - last time I was there it wasn’t a terrible wait getting into the county, but I was in line for more than an hour on departure. Pack a book. The 7th floor observation deck is a nice place to pass the time.
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It's a pretty great airport for a layover, actually. Lots of restaurants, decent window views, and many quiet areas to lay down on benches (usually with no armrests) to take a nap.
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I did an image search, looks like walking around would be pleasant, as well as useful to limber up between flights.
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The only thing I found that really piqued my interest there was the hidden Thai dining area on the bottom floor.
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I got a massage.
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Pack a swimsuit in your carry-on just in case. I got stuck there one time and Thai Airlines put me up at the airport Novotel which has a nice pool. If your onward flight is delayed so you wind up with 6 hours you might be able to get out for a swim if they have a day pass. But, yeah. Bring a good book. The airport is big so you can get out and really stretch your legs between flights.
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