why no rotavirus vaccine for adults?
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This q has been asked previously, but still couldn't find answer to this question given the links in the mefi thread. CDC and Mayo, etc don't seem to have info on this either.

Somehow in the last week I got double whammied; I managed to get infected with rotavirus AND campylobacter! Wth? Yeah, it's terrible. I am pretty sure the e.r. saved my life. I have read that typically, neither of those things in adults is necessarily super bad, but I guess as someone with multiple autoimmune conditions, I am one of the non-elderly/infant exceptions where it smacks you down hard.

Anyway while I slouch resting and hydrated at home and eating little and avoiding humans, I decided to look up info on this stuff. I've been prescribed antibiotics for the campylobacter, but I'm wondering why if there's been approved rotavirus vaccines for infants for some time, there's still none for adults? Is it just because it hasn't been tested enough? Because infant herd immunity is protecting us? No $$ in it?
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I am an epidemiologist; I am not your epidemiologist. (And I do not have a background in rota.) The cost-benefit of rota virus vaccination is very very high on the benefit side for infants. The benefit for older children and adults, not so much. Vaccination is not even recommended in health children over 2. [WHO].

That said, it looks like people are testing in India.
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And here's the full position paper:
To maximize its impact, the rotavirus vaccine has to be
given before RVGE occurs and before a sizeable proportion
of the target population acquires natural infection.
The impact of rotavirus vaccination depends on
effectiveness, timeliness and coverage. [...]

Because of the typical age distribution of RVGE,
rotavirus vaccination of children >24 months of age is
not recommended.
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The adult testing looks promising. This is by far the worst whammy of a gi illness I have ever had.
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