Cast gift ideas for The Pajama Game
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I'm doing a production of the Pajama Game this summer. I enjoy giving themed gifts to my cast-mates. I'm drawing a blank! Help!

Some ideas I had that I either don't really care for or haven't figured out how to execute:

-cans of baked beans (I'm playing Mae, who frets at one point that we don't have enough baked beans for the picnic) - don't love this

-lego minifigs wearing pajamas (couldn't find any in an affordable range)

I'm super open to anything having to do with the show as a whole, my character in particular (Mae), or pajamas in general.

Looking to spend less than $200, less if possible - I need 40 of whatever I get. Open to making things, too, if they aren't too time consuming.

Past gifts that I've done:

-The Women (Mary Haines) mini bottles of "Summer Rain" perfume and embroidered handkerchiefs

-Urinetown (Little Sally) bags of chocolate pennies that said "penny for a pee?"

-Oliver! (Rose Seller) chocolate roses
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Custom sleep masks?
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Take eight pennies, spray paint them if you want, drill holes in them, cut one in half, string 'em all on a keychain.
Voilà! 7 1/2 Cents.
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Bananas in Pajamas
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Clocks or watches would be appropriate.
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These night caps? At $9 for 3 and free Prime shipping, that's a good deal!
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Little train cars (rolling stock). I was "Pop" in The Pajama Game and I had another hot box on the line. Sure I was last billing, but at least my name was in the program!
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I found this baked bean charm bracelet on Etsy, but I bet you could contact the seller to commission a range of gifts (bracelets, necklace, keychain, phone charm, etc.).

How about a pet baked bean in a bottle? or beans on toast keychain? Way more baked bean options than I would have thought.
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Origami pajamas.

There's some rather sketchy instructions (no diagrams!) for how to make them out of cloth here, or a video of a different style made out of paper here.
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Response by poster: You all are fantastic! I’ll update when I make a decision!
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