dishwasher power wiring
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Do the "L" and "N" on this power terminal represent 'live' and 'neutral'?
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Best answer: Yup. Neutral should be connected to ground. L is live.
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Best answer: It does mean live and neutral, and PE is a protective earth. Normally that sort of appliance will be wired with a 3 pin mains cord (L N E), and for extra safety will go through a GFCI either in the wall or installed at the distribution panel.

If you're at all unsure about how to wire something it will be better to get a professional in rather than burning down your house.
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Pretty sure it means LINE, but close enough.
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All correct above, but note that neutral should not be connected to ground.

Or to be a little more technical, it should not be connected to ground by you or at the appliance. It will be connected to ground at the switchboard but you don't deal with that unless you are an electrician.
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