Removing photos from Pinterest
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Asking for a friend. Friend has found some compromising photos of themself posted to Pinterest without their knowledge or consent and is struggling to get the images removed, does anyone know a useful way of getting this done quickly?

Friend shared some photos privately a few years ago, the kind of photos they didn't want shared with the entire internet. Said photos are now on Pinterest and appear when friend google searches their own name. Friend wants these pictures and the associated search result to go away ASAP.

The photos are a clear violation of the Pinterest policies against nudity, harassment, privacy and copyright. Friend has tried reporting the content via Pinterest and emailing Pinterest directly, but has received automated replies to both contact attempts and the photos are still up.

Friend is in OH, USA. What other options do they have for getting Pinterest to remove these photos quickly?
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DMCA takedown if they own the copyright (which they do if they took them themselves and didn't relinquish the rights).
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Yep, this is a proper use of DMCA.
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Pinterest has policies against posting sexually explicit pictures, if that's what you meant? If yes, maybe the fastest way to get them off is to report each picture as explicit?
Good luck!
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Are the images definitely hosted on Pinterest? At least when I used the site (which was a while ago!), it would link to images hosted on other websites. If that is the case, it may work better to go directly to whichever website is actually hosting the images.
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Use Google image search to see if you can find the source. If you can get an original, there may be useful metada.

This is super-skeevy, sympathy to your friend.
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Are the images definitely hosted on Pinterest?

Images on Pinterest are hosted on their domain Ultimately they might claim to just be caching images from other sites (for purposes of speed or reliability) but there are still copies of the images on Pinterest's servers.
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Thanks everyone - friend managed to get in touch with someone from Pinterest from the first report they sent and the images have been taken down now.
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