How do I reel this one in?
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Have: spincast fishing reel and rod. New line. Looking to reel the new line on to the reel. CAN NOT. Help.

This has me stumped.

First, images are here.

It looks simple enough. Every video and instruction thing I found online said: make a knot at the end of the line. Then, wrap the entire end of the line around the spool, knot it, pull, SUCCESS. Except this has most definitely not been the case. The line simply won't stay on the spool itself – it either slips down between the spool and the base of the reel, never to be seen again, or just comes off when met with any tension.

The reel is a generic one the kiddo got on a field trip a couple years back.

I have no idea what to do with the pin or the two holes in the top of the spool, if anything. Pretty much at wit's end on this one. Can someone explain to me how to do this right?
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So, I've never actually messed around with a spincasting reel much, but I'm pretty sure the pin is there to hold the line on the reel except while it's being cast. You could confirm this by depressing the cast button on the reel--if that retracts the pin, then that's what the pin is for.

You want to tie the line around the spool below the pin ("below" meaning on the side of the pin that's closer to the butt of the rod). But I'm pretty sure you'll want to thread the line through the spool cap first, and then replace the spool cap before you start cranking the reel to load the line.

It's important to keep tension on the line as you're loading it. One method is to put a book between the new line source and the reel, and slip the line into the pages of the book so that friction supplies the tension.
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Tie a slip knot in the end of your line, loop that over the end of the spool and apply tension as you reel the line on. Keep tension on line as bricoleur suggests. If that doesn't work add a clove hitch over the slip knot on the spool. Good luck - with reel & with fishing.
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Mission accomplished.

The catch (ha!) was that I thought the line had to be completely on the top part of the spool – ie, the golden part. In attempting this again and again I found the magical YouTube search term that got me a video showing a similar reel; that verified that I was ultimately trying to attach the line way too high.

That said, the tension isn't something I could have handled on my own so having the book there was clever.

Thank you both for your help!
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