Summer weekday parking at New Haven train station
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I've taken the Metro North to NYC from New Haven plenty of times on weekends, but the few times I've done it on weekdays the parking garage and attached lot were full and I've had to park farther than I'd like. Now it's summer and some commuters are probably on vacation... Do I have a much better shot at getting parking right at the station on a weekday morning? If it still typically fills, around what time does that tend to happen?
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Response by poster: I should add that I'm focused only on New Haven because of the easy-off/on from I-91 and would rather not drive to a different station along 95.
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Well, according to the real-time parking availability meter on the website of the New Haven Parking Authority, the Union Station Garage is currently 61% full (at 12:40 PM on a Friday.) If that's accurate, I'd say you have a fair chance; but you'd probably want to monitor it on Monday or Tuesday morning just to see what the typical usage is at the time of day you're planning to arrive.
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