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The old toilet uses a huge amount of water. While we have some other plumbing issues taken care of, we've asked the plumber to replace it. What toilet should we replace it with?

We are in the US in the metro-NYC area in NY state. We are not dealing with a septic system or any other known limitations. I'm not so much interested in something fancy - I know people love their bidet/exciting toilet settings/etc - but I'm looking for something simple and functional.

If you have a toilet that you like, that works, that you'd recommend, I'd love to hear about it.
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When we had to replace a toilet last year, our research pointed us toward Toto as the best brand. We ended up with this one and have been toying with replacing our other toilets with the same model. We ordered it from an online store for just about $200 and haven't had a moment's trouble with it. It fills quicker, uses less water, and is actually quieter than the toilet it replaced.
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Seconding Toto.
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Nthing Toto.
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About 10 -15 years ago I replaced our older problematic ones with Kohler brand about $250.
They've never given any problems. I'm happy with them. You can get them from Home Depot.

Whatever brand you buy ,check the heights.
They can vary. Maybe measure your old ones to give you an idea.
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I have a Toto, my parent's have Kohler; both brands are fine. As my parent's aged, we've replaced all the toilets with the 18" "comfort height" rather than standard. It makes a huge difference for my 6'4" dad, and honestly the rest of us appreciate it as well.
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I put this American Standard Clean model in both of my bathrooms when I remodeled them, as well as in my parents' house.

The sides are smooth, leaving no horizontal area by the floor to catch debris and grime, and makes them easy to clean. I'm surprised most other toilets are still designed with ick-catching, hard to clean areas.
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Another +1 for the Toto Drake! I have 4 of them and they all work like champs. Nothing fancy, just solid workhorses.
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Toto Drake here as well. Toto has models like the Deej is talking about, and also wall mounted ones that allow you to clean underneath (Not sure what the plumbing requirements for that is thought!) We also all prefer the taller toilets (I am 5 foot 5. My husband is almost 6 foot. We have two small daughters. Combined with a squatty potty we are all fine.
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Yep - Toto Drake or Drake II, elongated front if you you have the room and round front if you don't. Other Toto models are probably fine too, but the Drake is the cheapest good one and I've had no trouble with it over 10+ years and 4 houses. Useful reviews.
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+1 for "comfort height" and whatever the manufacturer calls the longer seat. My mom put in a new Kohler for my dad when his mobility started to be reduced, and every other toilet in their house feels low and tiny by comparison now.
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After enduring years of easily clogged toilets, a few years ago I replace all the toilets in my house with Gerber comfort height elongated seat units. I have had to use my plunger only once since doing that. If you have a small powder room where normal elongated seat does not fit, they make a version that has the elongated seat but reconfigured tank such that it fits in the same space as a short seat. Brilliant.
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Toto all the way! I have and love the Toto Entrada. We have a small bathroom, so we went with a round bowl. I don't care for the taller toilets--this one is an old school height. We've had it two and a half years and it has never clogged. As a bonus, I understand plumbers like Totos too, something about them being easier to install.
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If your current toilet is particularly old with a lot of water and in ok condition, you may want to sell it - try craigslist or a salvage place.
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Before you jump right to Comfort Height, make sure you sit on one first. Many people prefer them, but personally I always feel like I'm trying to balance on tiptoe while I poo, which I hate. I find that things move more easily if my knees are a little elevated, although for others just bending their knees is a painful process that is to be avoided as much as possible. Your mileage may vary.

I would also suggest going through a plumbing supplier rather than Home Depot, even though the prices will be higher. Home Depot has manufacturers make them special HD-specific variants with the same ceramic casting but different, cheaper mechanicals. Plastic instead of brass, that sort of thing. They'll look the same and work the same, but they won't last as long.
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If the problem is water use, use a brick or two in the cistern. But if you want or need a new toilet, go for it. For Beagle, if the toilets are clogging, somebody is doing something wrong (something other than poo, pee and toilet paper).
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I put in a Kohler Santa Rosa one-piece toilet a year or two ago. I’m a big fan of the one-piece design, with fewer crannies for dirt and fewer things to leak. It’s 1.28 gpf, never needs double-flushing, and is very hard to clog. Plus, it was in stock at my local orange big-box store, and I’m pretty sure Kohler doesn’t make special cheapified models for them.
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Minus one for Comfort Height. You definitely need to try it and see if you like it. I haaaaate my comfort height toilet.

Another thing to look into is dual flush - short flush for liquids, longer flush for solids. Water may not be THAT much of an issue where you live though.
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Anticipation of a New Lover's Arrival, do you recommend any suppliers?
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