Where can I buy venison tenderloins in/near Seattle?
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Is there anywhere in or near Seattle that someone is reasonably sure I can get a couple of venison tenderloins by this weekend? All the butcher guides I'm finding are old enough that I have doubts. Thank you!
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Well the metropolitan market location near me offers game meats by special request. Not sure about the turnaround but they should be able to tell you over the phone.
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The butcher in ColumbiaCity has a variety of game meats! I would call them, their website is here.
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You might call Double DD Meats in Mountlake Terrace-- they have some frozen game meats and besides it's a fun store to visit :)
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Marx food has game meats.
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I'm probably too late, but Double DD carries game.
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Ended up getting it from Metropolitan Market because it was closest, made a glorious feast involving huckleberries, remembered how much I love venison. Thank you.
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