San Francisco Bar to watch World Cup tomorrow near Market/1st
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I'm looking for a bar in San Francisco that is within 15 mins walking distance of Market and 1st to watch the England v Croatia match tomorrow (11am). I don't mind a crowd, but I'd like a reasonable chance of a seat if I turn up 15 minutes before kick-off. I don't care about food. I know there are lots of bars with TVs in that area. I'm more looking for recommendations based on personal experience during this world cup.
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Best answer: In the past I've watched World Cup games at Dave's on 3rd between Market & Mission. It's called the Lark Bar now. If I was still working downtown, I'd be heading there tomorrow.
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Best answer: Yeah, Dave's is the sports bar I'd choose. The Chieftain at 5th/Howard is another option.
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Best answer: Does it have to be in a bar? There will be an outdoor live screening in a park at the Embarcadero as well as Civic Center, courtesy of SF Rec and Park.
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