Recommendations for remote divination
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I have a big decision to make, and I'd like to receive some divination (tarot or any other oracle) to help me figure out what I want to do. My head is too jumbled for me to read for myself, so I'm seeking someone who can read for me. Know anybody? This would have to be done remotely (phone or Skype preferred but email okay). I can pay (or not). The more specific, the better. You can email me at .
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An acquaintance does remote Tarot readings. I've never ordered a custom one, but what I've seen of her work has been excellent: well-written, kind, thoughtful.
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I could read Tarot cards for you remotely, but it's been a long time since I've done it, so I offer it as a last resort. As long as it's a USA call, I wouldn't charge. I will point out, though, that part of the process is the intuitive connection between the reader and the respondent, and that's going to be totally missing between two strangers over the phone.
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A fellow MeFite dubs herself a "Psychic Life Coach" and I would highly recommend her.
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Susan Harper (aka Dreaming Priestess/Dakota Witch) is great.
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Raven at Shivaya Wellness is fantastic - gentle, intuitive, super-grounded (and grounding) and just a lovely person.
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I have an acquaintance who does readings via phone. She is friends with my MiL and is doing readings for her and my wife. MeMail me and I will pass on information if you wish.
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