Adjusting how low a semi-flush ceiling light hangs?
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Is it feasible to DIY reduce the amount that a light fixture like this hangs down from the ceiling (to increase clearance below the light)?

The fixture is attached to the mount by a single metal tube which I can imagine cutting 1-2 inches out of, but in lights like this would I be able to remove that tube, cut it shorter, and reattach it or is it likely to be permanently attached out of the box?
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I just bought fourteen different light fixtures from Wayfair in that same general style and I can tell you it's very unlikely to be attached out of the box. They all required significant assembly. I don't see any reason you couldn't cut an inch off that tube. There also may very well be different lengths included - there were in many of mine, whether the description said there would be or not.
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When I've installed similar fixtures, the tube would be threaded on one or both side for easy assembly so cutting it would make using the fixture much trickier.

If you don't already have the fixture, you could get one that hangs from a wire instead. I have one and it was easily adjustable. Depending on weight, you might be able to buy a ceiling plate/wire mount kit for an existing fixture.
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It's probably threaded. You could cut it but then you'd either have to cut new threads (trivial if you have the right tools, impossible if you don't) or figure out another way to attach it.

Can you get access to one of the fixtures before you buy it (or return it) so you could check it out?

In the days of incandecents I might think there'd be a heat-related reason to keep it that length but LEDs and CFLs tend to run a bit cooler so I wouldn't be too worried about that.

This would be the sort of DIY thing I would probably attempt if I had no other options.
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The middle tube is obscured by the shade, and the underside is completely covered with that translucent piece. I bet you could trim the tube in the middle and join it with a coupler like this one.

However, I would drill holes through the entire assembly and add a bolt or screw (to each half) to make sure it can support all the weight of the fixture. Might be tricky to get the supply wires through it, but I bet it could work.
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