Do you know why Nicole Cliffe's Twitter is gone?
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I periodically check Nicole Cliffe's Twitter account for good tweets. After a particularly long period of not doing so, I tried to look it up today and found that her account had vanished / been deleted. This was a surprise to me since Twitter seemed like an important part of her personal brand. Does anyone know if she made a public statement about why the account is gone?
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I don't know her at all, but your question made me curious, so I searched for her name on Twitter and I found this thread that might have some suggestions as to why she deactivated her account.

I'm not going to say anymore given my ignorance of the situation. But I hope that helps!
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A fair number of people in Cliffe’s situation (high-profile, socially progressive, famous largely for online persona, loyal audience that might not want them to get “too political”) have migrated elsewhere recently. It’s just getting too toxic for them, and they never know when they’ll accidentally step into a fight that ends up with them getting brigaded and have to spend most of their day convincing Twitter not to ban them.
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I think she wanted to cut back her use of Twitter and could only do all or nothing. She does have an Instagram.
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Best answer: Per Jasmine Guillory she's on a Twitter hiatus and currently hanging over on Instagram. Her insta handle is in the linked thread.
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