Yet Another Mattress Question
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What innerspring mattress should we get? Did you get a Serta? Do you recommend it?

We don't want a purely foam mattress because my partner is a "hot sleeper." We want something firm, but I am wondering just how firm given that I generally sleep on my side and have some hip, lower back, and neck pain. We are both tallish average build humans.

I have gotten an excellent night sleep every time we've stayed at a Courtyard by Marriott hotel. But the mattress sold with that brand name doesn't seem to be the one they actually have at the hotels. But that gives you a sense of what we're looking for.

Today we went to the mattress store and I liked the Serta Beauty Rest Black Calista Plush, whereas he liked the same model in "extra firm." I liked that one too but I only laid on it for a few minutes and I am concerned that overnight it would feel too firm.

We have a budget of around $1500-$2000, but only if this is a mattress that will last. Our current mattress is a Serta Vera Wang that we bought new ten years ago, and it was fine but never quite firm enough, and honestly it's been saggy for a couple of years - it's fine for one person but when we both lay on it, we tend to fall into the middle.

Before we make this purchase, which will become the third most expensive item we own after our apartment and car, we want some unbiased info. Mattress review websites have a bad reputation and are confusing to navigate. Thanks!
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We chose our particular mattress & boxspring because:

* Our old set was 18+years old
* The new set is a Michigan-made brand
* The style we chose is sold to hotels (think buying an industry-only vacuum cleaner. You know it's going to work hard.)
And finally:
* The mattress is completely reversible. That's a rare thing anymore with pillow tops, sleep-number, tip-up-like-a-hospital-bed features that too many mattress now feature. By rotating your mattress every three or so months you get your full wear out of it.
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I know this isn’t an answer to your question but as a hot sleeper with pain who likes a firm mattress I treated myself to a wool mattress (handmade in Bulgaria) 4 months ago and couldn’t be happier- it’s literally a wool shell full of lambs wool. I’ve NEVER slept better! We have a German bed with two twins side by side and my husband slept on my side and plans also to treat himself to a wool mattress.
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Seconding a reversible mattress. The mattress that lasted the longest for me was one I flipped and turned every couple months. Now I have a sleep number. (don't like it but thats what the hubby wanted) The reversible mattress is now with my daughter and is still going strong. BTW she ditched her pillow top for my old-ish reversible.
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You might look at, which is THE mattress review site. According to them, a foam mattress (not memory foam) sleeps cooler than an innerspring mattress, and is better for pain as well. Innersprings have low ratings in pretty much every area.
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We are sleeping on our second Schifman mattress, something like this one which Westin uses. The first lasted 15 years, and could have lasted longer. Totally reversible, pillow top both sides, very comfortable. You spend a third of your life on this thing, so the cost is not a splurge.
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See this previous question and the ones before it linked from there.

Like beagle, we have a Shifman, which is flippable. (They have some models that insanely expensive, but the less expensive ones are in your range.) The other advice that helped: it may feel silly, but lie down in the showroom for a long time. What feels good after 2 minutes may not after 20 minutes.
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We got a Serta several years ago. It’s alright. Not uncomfortable. Seems to be holding up well enough. Good luck comparison shopping, though. You won’t find the same model in any two stores. Mattress companies like Serta produce different SKUs for the various outlets, each really similar, but with one tiny difference. It’s a scam.
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