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I need examples of non-pain picture rating scales.

I work with a low literacy/low numeracy population. Sometimes, I want them to rate something - between 1 and 10 is fine, or very bad / bad / neutral / good / very good is fine. But the ranking isn't one they're familiar with, and I'd like to figure out how to best do this ranking / Likert / whatever.

I'd like examples of scales that can be represented pictorially. What they measure isn't so important, but I don't need them to rate pain - that is covered elsewhere with picture and child scales.

My internet access is terrible, so my research ability has been limited!
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Best answer: The Beaufort scale, which measures wind strength, is often shown pictorially.
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Perhaps you’re already aware of the Garfield scale?
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May I put in a word for the Bristol stool scale?
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Best answer: You want Harvey Balls. Stop sniggering at the name.
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King County (WA) food safety rating system
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There are smiley rating scales and five star rating scales.
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The SF Chronicle's movie review rating system uses a little man instead of stars.
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How about a simple red to green scale? Perhaps you could add a thumbs up/thumbs down at either end.
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In New Zealand, Geonet captures data from the public on their experience of earthquakes. Check out how they do this.
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