Protest Alternatives?
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Given the extreme heat expected this weekend and the combo of Not Doing Heat Well and having a long, Cannot Miss Flight the next morning (little to no recovery time), I don't believe I can attend a #FamiliesBelongTogether protest tomorrow. I'm making calls and have signed petitions. What are some [more] things I can do to support the cause? Where would donations be most effective? Thanks!
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I upped my donation to the ACLU.
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Do you know somebody who would like to go, but has household obligations like childcare/cooking/caring for someone that prevent them? Can you do something that frees them up to go?
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in the same donations in lieu or participating vein, but more locally, do you know any folks who want to go but need something (water, shade, sign-making supplies) that you could offer to get for the?

what about logistical help - could you offer rides to folks who couldn't otherwise attend?
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RAICES has emerged as a real hero in all of this.
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Find your local groups that are going to be on the ground organizing and see if you can paypal/venmo/ them some cash. I guarantee you they'll be making supply runs tonight, probably paying for transport or parking, or maybe could just use some pizza money to feed organizers tonight.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far! I'm looking into them all. If it makes a difference, I'm in NYC.
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Wear something that signals your support! Airports are some of the last places people from different classes and political persuasions interact.
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Hi. I'm in the same boat, and here are some suggestions I have:

1. If you're financially able to, give money to organizations. RAICES is excellent, but also consider places like the ACLU, Wikipedia, Resist Bot, etc.

2. If you're financially able, pay for subscriptions to media outlets that are doing fantastic coverage on these events, like The Guardian and The New Yorker. I just reupped my New Yorker subscription this past month to support them.

3. If you have a Twitter account that you can get political with and/or a burner Twitter account, go on Twitter and tweet out your feelings about all of this. It'll work to at least partially counteract the hate that's on that platform.

4. I have heard that 'swiping people in' is a thing that's done in NY subway stops; maybe you can get a transit card with a set amount of $$ on it, and 'swipe in' people heading down to the protest. It also might be cooler, as it's underground.
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Felicia Day is doing a 12 hour charity livestream. Sounds ideal for being in the house.
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Bail and support funds for protestors who are arrested are great places to give.

There will likely be some nonviolent civil disobedience and resulting arrests in Boston today, and Massachusetts Bail Fund is planning to help them out where needed.

Here's a fundraiser for those arrested this week (and ongoing) at the Portland ICE occupation, organized by Portland Anarchist Black Cross.

And National Lawyers Guild is busier than usual these days defending protestors.
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