What are all the publicly traded companies in the U.S. led by women?
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I've been trying to find a list of publicly-traded companies that are led by women, but I can only find women CEOs of the Fortune 500. I'm looking for a list of *all* the publicly traded companies in the U.S. run by women-- even small companies!

Bonus: also curious about publicly traded companies with lots of women on the board.
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I think EDGAR would probably be the source of this data, in case this list hasn't already been compiled and you have to do it yourself.
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Do you have access to Hoover's? They have a list-building feature and you can customize what you want in your list results.

I would also look at Catalyst - this seems like something they would have already done research on.
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FYI, I would be surprised if gender of CEO is a checkbox on the IPO paperwork (also, CEOs change over time), so there's probably some significant effort involved in compiling this information.
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