Podcasts about Victorians behaving badly
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I recently started listening to podcasts, but I'm having trouble finding ones about historical crimes or mysteries. Suggestions for something British, set any time between Burke and Hare and the Krays, would be much appreciated.
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Tons of true crime podcasts have fin de siecle crimes featured! Case File is one; also My Favorite Murder. A recent episode of Criminal featured the (too soon?) murder of Stanford White.
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There are several that I enjoy. Go to listennotes.com and search for 'Historical True Crime'. From there you can change your search from 'episodes'(episodes in podcasts) to 'podcasts'(podcasts that are all about HTC.
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I have yet to find a true crime podcast that I love as much as, or is even close to being as good as Case File.
The narrator is Australian, I believe, and the crimes can be somewhat Aussie-centric, but they are all interesting.
For a taste of the good stuff, listen to their 3 parter on Silk Road. If you want British, they did a bang up job on the Moors Murders as well.
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Best answer: Goodness! I just stumbled upon "They Walk Among Us", a podcast dedicated to UK true crime.
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