What does the crosshatch arrow mean in macOS?
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What keys on the keyboard do these symbols correspond to in macOS? (The menu in the image is from Preview, but I've seen it in other programs.)

I feel like this will be super easy obvious answer, but I find it difficult to come up with the right search terms (for the record, "crosshatch arrow" didn't work too well).
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Page up/page down
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Yeah, Page Up/Page Down. More here.
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Response by poster: What does it correspond to on my actual keyboard? My keyboard looks like this.
posted by bluefly at 7:15 AM on June 18, 2018

Best answer: Fn+down arrow= pagedown
Fn+up arrow = page up

Fn + left/right arrow is home/end, which is useful for popping to the top or bottom of a webpage or document.
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Jeez. I've been a Mac user since the 1980s and I was today years old when I learned that I could use home/end on my laptop; thanks, SaltySalticid!
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Seconded, ook.
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thirded, ook.
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Response by poster: Yes, thanks SaltySalticid for solving a mystery for the ages!!
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