Name that flower, European tourist edition
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What is this big crinkly red-orange flower that has been made into a table centerpiece? Is it even a flower at all? Could it be aquatic life? Where is it from?

My parents are on a Viking river cruise (going down the Rhine thru Germany) and saw this (Imgur link) on their table at dinner. My mom thought I was the right person to ask about it (I don't know why, IANABotanist) and I'm stumped. Google Image search brought me nothing, as did Tineye. So I put it to you, hivemind!
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Best answer: Maybe red cockscomb
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Response by poster: That seems like a good visual match, I think we might have it in one. I wonder if they come in different colors, or if the lighting on the photo is making it more orange. Thanks loveandhappiness!
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Best answer: Yep, cockscomb comes in other hues, and is also known as brain celosia, a pretty badass flower name.
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