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Unique 1st anniversary destinations in the Pacific Northwest?

The husband and I are looking to book our first wedding anniversary (July 4th week-end), somewhere romantic, scenic, quiet and with in driving distance from Seattle. Does anyone have any recommendations from personal experience? Comfort and luxury under $250 a night a plus!
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What about the Columbia Gorge? I have heard that the Hood River Hotel is nice, and it seems very affordable. How far are you willing to drive?
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The Columbia Gorge Hotel is even nicer than the Hood River Hotel.
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Snoqualmie Falls.
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Vancouver, BC is a beautiful and diverse city with lots to do. I don't know about "quiet" if you're downtown, but it's surrounded by a lot of quiet natural beauty. My wife and I honeymooned in inexpensive luxury at the Johnson Heritage House and really enjoyed it. Whatever you do, Happy Anniversary!
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If you're okay with driving a bit and a ferry trip, you could check out the Sunshine Coast area just across the water from Vancouver. It's very quiet, scenic and gorgeous, and can definitely be romantic. I'm actually going up there this weekend for a quiet retreat with my boyfriend, and I'm very excited.
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It's a long drive and ferry, but I highly recommend Point No Point just west of Sooke, BC. There are beautiful, quiet, rocky beaches all along the shoreline from the resort west to Port Renfrew.
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Rathtrevor Beach. Take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay (northwest of Vancouver) to Nanaimo. Drive 20 minutes north. The beach is a mile wide at low tide, leaving tons of tidal pools that warm in the sun. Lots of wildlife. Tons of walking trails.

This past summer, we stayed at Tigh-Na-Mara, a resort spa that overlooks the beach. But there are tons of resorts in the area. (And lots of attractions, if you want touristy stuff.)
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Friday Harbor
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Crater Lake Lodge? Or Mount Rainier?
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You might enjoy a road-trip on 101 around the Olympic Peninsula. Hurricane Ridge, Rialto Beach, Hoh Rainforest; all around are parks, lighthouses, and beaches.

The Miller Tree Inn B&B in Forks is a nice place to stay for a night or two.
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Skamania Lodge. Yes, without a doubt, you want to stay at Skamania Lodge. Great CRG location, beautiful lodge. Perfect for what you're looking for.
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Any where in the San Juan islands, also consider places in Canada (just over ther border are some really nice small towns).
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Can't believe nobody has yet mentioned Victoria, perhaps the most romantic city in North America. Bonus #1) Avoid the crowds and hassles of the 4th. Bonus #2) Arrive refreshed: sail there from Seattle rather than drive.
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I'd like to fourth the Columbia River Gorge suggestion. It's really beautiful with great romantic locations (particularly the waterfalls), there are plenty of outdoorsy activities (or if you're lazy you can just hold hands as you inner tube down the river) and you can make the short hop to Portland for the nightlife. You can also make a stop at Sauve island (it's in the middle of the Columbia river) to pick some fruit at the orchards on your way back.

Crater Lake isn't really that close to Seattle, although if you do go there you can turn to your husband and say "My love for you is as deep as this lake". Hopefully he'll appreciate the comment rather than toss you in the lake.
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Leavenworth is extremely cute and definitely falls into the scenic and within driving distance categories. The Columbia Gorge is very beautiful. If you make it down that far, you might try checking out Multnomah Falls. I've been there many times and it is absolutely stunning. The Food at the restaurant isn't bad either (no sales tax!).
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Stay at the Kennedy School in Portland, visit Common Grounds Wellness Center, Portland Art Museum, have dinner at Bluehour, drive out to Multnomah Falls.
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What cior said except that I'd pass on Bluehour and try Andina or Paley's Place instead.
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If you would consider a hotel *in* Seattle, the Edgewater is quite nice and romantic. My girlfriend (now wife) and I stayed there a few years ago. The rooms on the "water side" are literally over the water and in the morning, we opened the windows and fed the seagulls flying around. The interior of the room is reminiscent of a log cabin. Very cozy and romantic.
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