Help Me Find the Jack-O-Lanterns!
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Hi! I am wondering how to find a hard copy or online back issue of either Ranger Rick or My Big Backyard (I think the latter) that had a huuuge spread of jack-o-lanterns on the front cover, back cover, or somewhere inside. It would have been when I was ages 4-7, so 1985-88. I remember it looking so magical!
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Here’s a website devoted to vintage Ranger Rick. You could try emailing them.
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Hello, I've spent a surprising amount of time mulling over your question since I read it yesterday. I, too, remember this cover from way back when, and I was similarly struck by it. However, after some research, I think you may actually be remembering National Geographic World Magazine (the name of Nat Geo Kids pre-2001). Ranger Rick almost invariably has an animal on the cover, and pumpkins don't fit with that theme.

What I found in that direction so far is a list of issues with a description of the cover/contents. Link here: I think that's a good place to start your search, your best bets being the October issues of 1983, 1987, and 1988.

Then, if I were you, I'd use WorldCat to see if there are any libraries in your area that have that particular issue. Also, you could try eBay, but since you just seem to want to see an image of the cover I doubt you're willing to buy the issue just to scratch that itch.
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Best answer: Could this be it? [Warning: Hastily-taken cell phone pic.]

If so, it's from the "October III" issue of Your Big Backyard. (© 1984, but judging from the seemingly-identical copies I found in my parents' basement, addressed to siblings 6 years apart in age, I think they must have cycled through series more than once.)

If you'd like a hard copy, memail me and I'd be happy to drop it in the mail.
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Response by poster: Alyxstarr are you SERIOUS??!! You're amazing!!! Will private msg you.
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