recompense for failed auto repair
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I am having to redo a repair that should have lasted 10 years minimum. What are the best methods to seek recompense for the sub-par work from the garage that did it.

I posted this AskMeFi thread regarding a front strut replacement on my vehicle.
I had a repair done that appears to have failed with sub-par parts. I went to the garage three times pointing out the groaning noises and the visible cracks in the strut seat seal. I was told in essence that they didn't hear any problems and the seal was a nonessential part that wasn't replaced.
Cognitively I couldn't find enough validation to take action (basically moved on) but the problem continues and our now mechanic keeps pointing out that this is a failed repair that has to be redone.
The original work was done in December 2016. I paid a premium over the average cost of this type of repair. The garage has a stellar rep online, and a posted ethical repair statement on their web site.
I'm about to have this work redone tomorrow, documenting the process and keeping all the removed parts. I'm thinking of sending a letter to the owner pointing out that I will be filing with small claims, posting my experience to Yelp, filing a complaint with the BBB, and posting my experience in various places online if I do not receive full refund for this work.
Before I go there, I could use any feedback on this process, tips, cautions, howtos and so forth.
It isn't actually true that I am committed to doing all of these things, but definitely considering it. Any recommendations appreciated.
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Do you have whatever forms/receipts/whatever you signed with the first place? Is there any sort of warranty/liability statement on there, to use as a starting point?
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Response by poster: It's pretty well documented that this is a failed repair within one year including my visits. I'll have to check the receipt and see what it says regarding warranty.
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Before you file a claim, all to speak to the owner to discuss the repair and try to come to a resolution. It's helpful to have an idea of what you want. The owner may surprise you.
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