A Marlys Chronology
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What is the formal chronology of Lynda Barry's Mullen stories? Or does a summary of those stories exist?

I've been revisiting the works of Lynda Barry, who I've loved since I was eleven. I recently bought a bunch of the collections featuring Maybonne and Marlys and was struck by how linear the story told in My Perfect Life/It's So Magic--basically, the girls are dropped off at their grandmother's for two years while their little brother stays with their cousins, he is eventually brought to their grandmother's (following the events of The Freddie Stories, I think?) and then they move back in with their mom. I know some of the earlier collections like The Fun House feature earlier periods of their life when they live with their mother close to their aunt and cousins Arna and Arnold. Does a chronological list of these stories exist? Or even a summary? I'm particularly curious if the story ends at It's So Magic, or if I can read more about what happens to them after. I did see that Lynda Barry has posted some newer drawings and comics featuring an apparently-older Arna on her tumblr so I wonder if there's more narrative out there, somewhere, to read.
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The! Greatest! Of! Marlys! was reissued by Drawn &Quarterly 2 years ago.
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Response by poster: The! Greatest! Of! Marlys! was reissued by Drawn &Quarterly 2 years ago.

Nope, ordered this and it's not nearly complete. It does include some strips written in the early aughts further in the chronology (Marlys moves in with Arna in her aunt's trailer home, and then the whole family gets a duplex together) but it's not clear if this is the end of the story, either.
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