What is a good book for relationships with elderly parents.
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Asking for a friend: I am looking for a good book that deals with navigating the waters of adults relating to their elderly parents, especially in regard to ways to have healthy communications between them. I'll take whatever has worked for you or someone you know.

Thanks as always for your help.
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Francine Russo's They're Your Parents Too is somewhat on point, although a lot of the focus is on negotiation with siblings around parent care/relations.
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How to Say It to Seniors was recommended by my boss when I was writing content for family caregivers. It’s a little older (2004), but specifically about communication across generations.
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As long as they are compos mentis it's just dealing with adults who happen to be your parents and whatever baggage you bring to that. Should their mental state change, then it's more medical than relational and there really are no good answers for that...
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Another Country by Mary Pipher
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