Where to find laws for tenant rights for storage lockers in Louisiana?
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The owners of a local storage rental facility have sold the building and given their several hundred tenants until the end of the month to vacate. Notices sent by certified mail on the 18th to vacate by the 31st, giving most people 10 days notice to leave. This does not seem like it would be legal, but I have not been able to find out any information about tenants rights in this situation, only the lien process for non payment of rent which would not apply here. It would take me a while to find the rental agreement which may cover this. Any ideas where to find this information?

For the record, I would not be looking to sue the owners, even if I could, as in my case I have no damages as I received the notice and a follow up call from the facility management. But had it been a month earlier or later I would not have recieved the notice in time. Plus I was one of the rare renters who recieved a bit of advanced notice last month that a sale was in progress and we would be notified if it went through. For me this is to satisfy my curiosity, but there will be likely a few hundred who did not receive notification and the contents of their lockers will be donated/sold. This would mean likely a few million in loss, not to mention lost documents and family keepsakes.
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Worth noting that while the loss of possessions could obviously be harmful in other ways, I don't think there's a state in the country where the unit renter would not be entitled to receive the proceeds of any sale of their goods (minus costs).
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contact state attorney general's office or look at your contract, should be spelled out.
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Ask them for a copy of your rental agreement. It's not a secret.
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Be a mensch and alert the local news media, and let them figure out the answer, and maybe save some folks from losing their stuff.
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The rental agreement may well not adhere to the law; the tenant may have more protections than it identifies.
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I agree with praemunire, but would note that there seems to be a storage company association with a presence in Louisiana that promotes favorable legislation (notification of default can now be sent by email, etc) and I'd imagine distributes standard form language...

This being Louisiana, things may be a little different than other states in terms of background law. Maybe someone from there can comment on the general landlord/tenant picture.
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