I’m gonna eat ice cream outside a used bookstore,
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Looking for inspirational songs, quotes, bumper stickers or short stories about ‘dating myself.’ That is— being outside a committed relationship, and committing to yourself.

This question inspired by the lyrics:
I’m going to introduce myself to June
It’s my first summer in so many moons
I’m gonna eat ice cream outside a used bookstore
Gonna buy a used book when I go in
I’m gonna buy me a banana seat bike
And spend my time with people I like
And save my love for my dog and the stars that fall
Over old Lake Michigan.

I’m feeling those lyrics hard, and looking for more! Inspire me, mefi!
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Sparks have a pair of songs about this.

1. Falling In Love With Myself Again
2. I Married Myself
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In the 1980s, Marcia in "Doonesbury" decided to have a ceremony celebrating her singularity. It was rerun starting here.
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Amy Adams and Miss Piggy sing "Me Party".
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Lake Street Dive's Bad Self Portraits?
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From my childhood:
"I love myself, I think I'm great
I took myself out on a date
I took myself to the movie place
I got so fresh I slapped my face."

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Are poems ok? Love After Love by Derek Wolcott
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Rosie Thomas “Wedding Day”
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Tom Waits Better off without a wife
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Single by Choice by The Bangles! "I'm single by choice, never marry, never ever divorce...I got sun in my morning, got love in my day, and I don't waste one moment wishing it away..."
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A little more abstraction in this one, but how about: I'm still living by my maiden name/the name I came with, the name I made (plus it's a god damn certified banger)
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I Love Myself Today
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Joan Armatrading's Me, Myself, and I.
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OP, what is the original song? It sounds great!
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Two follow ups—

First— the song is ‘Introduction to June’ by the Capital Sunrays, a folk group active in San Francisco around 2001. Song is from a CD that I bought at one of their shows. Amazingly, it seems like this (quite good) CD never found its way onto the internet music repositories. Memail me if you’d like a copy.

Second— there are lots of great suggestions in this thread. They do skew more towards almost ‘resignation’ with single-life than ‘anticipation / excitement’ as captured in ‘Introduction to June.’ If there are any more suggestions related to, ‘things I get to do now!!’ That’d be awesome.
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