Roses that grow big hips?
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I’m growing three happy rosa rugosa thanks to advice from Ask, but they have very small hips compared to the cherry sized hips on beach roses in Maine. Is this because it’s a different variety or is it something about the environment? The flowers look identical.
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I can tell you variety of rose makes a huge difference. There can be year-to-year variation for the same plant, and also some variation based on growing zone, but I think horticultural variety is the largest source of variation in size of rose hips.

I’ve seen two different varieties of mature shrubs growing side by side, one with hips larger than golf balls, one with hips smaller than a cherry.
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Quoting Rodale’s: “While some roses are sterile and cannot set hips, many rugosas produce large and colorful hips; the cultivars 'Hansa', 'Frau Dagmar Hartopp', and 'Scabrosa' are standouts.”

There definitely are differences in varieties but also year to year and due to site conditions. You can try finding one of the above-mentioned varieties and see if they perform better in your garden.
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