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Does anyone know of RSS feed reader which acts like a River of News. No side bar, just the ability to follow RSS feeds and have them appear in a column which I can just keep working through when I have an idle moment.

I have tried to set up something similar in Twitter with a list and that looks somewhat right but it doesn't include whole posts for example and is at the mercy of whatever the social media team is posting (even with filtering to just the links) rather than what's posted to the website. Plus there are sites with a good RSS feed but rubbish Twitter feed.
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Are you willing to have the side bar but just ignore it? If so, you can use Newsblur this way. There's the usual sidebar which shows all your feeds by name, categorized in folders, etc. But if you click on "All Site Stories" you just get a chronological listing of your unread items, that you can scroll down however far you feel like scrolling.
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You could use theoldreader in the same way as Stacey describes using Newsblur.
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Same with Inoreader.
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And Feedly.
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Newsblur actually has a not-greatly documented shortcut of Shift + U to hide the sidebar (it's called hide feeds, which is why I don't like it). You'll need the sidebar to add feeds and stuff like that, but once it's all set up, Shift+U to make it go away, and start reading the news.
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Feedly definitely supports this by default. There's a left-side bar that lists blogs that you can Pin/Unpin to hide. The main pane is just a collection of stories from your feeds. You can also change the presentation style between full articles, cards, one line per entry, etc.
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