What to do with too many kiwis?
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What to do with all these kiwis? My produce box accidentally came with 9 kiwis that I didn't order. I don't even like kiwi that much, but before I offer them to my neighbors I thought I'd ask if anybody has any great recipe involving kiwis?
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Strawberry-kiwi smoothie?
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Mmm, kiwi slices on top of pavlova. Providing you have an electric beater/cake mixer with whisk, it's quite easy to make. (Just make sure your bowl and whisks are scrupulously clean and dry, or the eggs won't whip up properly; also, add the sugar slooooowly, spoon by spoon, making sure it's dissolved before you add the next spoon's worth). Here's a recipe with US measures/over temps (I have no idea what "frozen whipped topping" is - just use whipped cream!)
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Best answer: Just eat them!
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9 isn't so many.

Slice them in half, eat with a sharp-ish spoon.

If you like Korean style ribs, one of the tricks to getting them tender like that is to marinate with a marinade containing pulped fresh kiwi fruit (kiwi - and papaya and pineapples - contains a reasonable amount of proteolytic enzymes as a immune/defense mechanism against microbes that also works on vertebrate meat. The meat tenderizier powder you get in grocery stores is usually papaya-derived papain). The kiwi flavour is very compatible with Korean ribs flavour - maybe cut down some of the sugar that is normally used.

I've marinated various other tougher cuts of meat with pulped fresh kiwi - I know pineapple proteolytic enzyme is heat labile and doesn't survive the canning process. Never tested whether kiwi enzyme survives freezing.

I like fresh cubed kiwi fruit in certain kinds of salads (usually chunky salads as opposed to leafy salads - cubed heirloom/vine-ripened tomato, english long cucumber, kiwi, and mango - chilled - with a clear Japanese sesame/soy-based dressing, is one of my favourite hot summer day salads).
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Kiwi sorbet.
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Kiwi and banana work really well together in my opinion. I've used that pairing in fruit salad and in smoothies (kiwi + buttermilk + a little banana makes a delicious tangy drink).
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Rainbow brunch/dessert pizza! Sliced strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, on a cream cheese layer on either a French bread dough crust or a graham cracker crust.
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Sometimes I make a fruit "pizza" for my kids, using a (cooked, cooled) sugar cookie as the base, yogurt as the sauce, and a rainbow of fruits as the toppings. Kiwi goes nicely into the mix (peeled and sliced thinish). Going to any events this weekend? Potluck, dinner where you can volunteer to bring dessert, church where you can bring a treat for the coffee hour? Have a neighbor that you want to thank for picking up the mail or for feeding your cat? This works for any of those purposes. Bonus in that berries are great toppings too and are super cheap right now.
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Banana pancakes with macerated kiwis - slice bananas thin, dice kiwis. Make pancake batter to your preference, put some sugar on the kiwis and smush them around in a bowl and let sit so they release juices and get yummier. Melt some butter in the pan and place banana slices down on like, medium heat, let them get warm through (so touching the top you can feel the warmth of the pan). Pour pancake batter on top to completely cover the bananas, and let it fluff up and the bananas brown before flipping. Be impressed with the bananas set into the pancake all caramelized on top, let the underside of the pancake cook. Repeat as desired. Plate with kiwis on top like syrup. Excellent with breakfast sausage.
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they really "make" a fruit salad since they're so beautiful. sliced with bananas and strawberries... perfect.
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Do you do smoothies? Just wash them and freeze them and toss whole into smoothies (if these are big kiwis, I’d quarter them before freezing).
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To me, nine kiwis is nothing! But I am a fruit bat.

You don't even have to cut them in half and eat them with a spoon -- just scrub well and eat them, skin and all, avoiding the really tough stem end. Much of the flavor is in the skin, so you might like them better that way.
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Response by poster: Someone came over and ate all of them! Yippee! Problem solved.
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