Seeking gallery of video game menu screens
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I am interested in viewing a gallery of menu screens from all sorts of video games on any and all platforms. Google Image Search is actually a pretty good match for this, but is there anything similar yet put together intentionally, maybe even with some commentary? Bonus if there's any way to show screens together that serve similar functions within their respective games, e.g. a bunch of character configuration menus, a bunch of level select menus, a bunch of root menus...
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Are you familiar with

Here’s a simple search for ‘menu’ there, showing lots of menus, pieces of menus, menu sounds, etc.

I think there may be some article/post on menu design, just poke around, lots of good stuff there :)
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Not exactly what you are looking for but the vgmuseum might be a useful resource.
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I've followed for a while now; they mostly focus on the "Title" screen that you get before you actually enter a menu...

But there seems to be some opportunity to find some stuff there.
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Best answer: "snapshots" or just "snaps" is the keyword you'll want to use when searching.

Arcade game titles, info, and select snaps from this page should be useful.

Same site also has 30 second clips of the title and some gameplay if you want video, as well as a lot of other media like the cabinet artwork, marquee images, etc.

A little trickier for consoles, but often has "screens" that may be useful (on a game detail page like this, go to the bottom for the "fanart & screenshots" section).

Likewise, has a lot of content, but you may want/need a paid account to get what you want. As an example, here is a pack of NES title screens.

Ironically, a lot of this type of media is used by emulator front ends to make their own menus look fancy. Some will even scrape the above sites automatically to pull in the artwork.
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Best answer: Tumblr seems like the home for passion projects like this, and sure nuff a quick Google turns up MobyGames is also a great source for all kinds of game minutiae; image searching "menu screen", "options screen", "options menu," etc. in that domain turns up a lot of interesting stuff. It's not curated but Google's algorithm does seem to home in on the most relevant and/or interesting titles.
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