Where is this logo from?
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Seeking info on a logo on a pin

My friend posted wondering about the logo on a pin she's had since childhood, and I thought I would try asking here, too, since y'all are generally sleuthing superstars.

Here's the pin image (linked to the image on reddit she posted)

Any info or insight on what the image means?
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The reddit thread indicates the maker (PinPros.com Layton, UT China), which is still in business. The time period appears to be more recent than your friend initially thought -- aughts, per that thread? From the website: In early 2007, PinProsPlus was purchased from the original owner and moved to Utah... At the end of 2008 PinProsPlus was sold to Craig Fry. It has been owned and operated by Craig Fry ever since... and the current mailing address is in Kaysville, UT, 10 minutes from Layton. Maybe try emailing the company with the pic?
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It's very, very similar to the NASA logo.
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Man, the first thing I thought of was a commemorative item from a science fiction convention, which, if your friend is prone to going to those, might be an avenue.
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