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I'm looking for examples of awesome-looking information displays. This can be anything from interesting OSs, "command center" control displays, and information software that is graphically impressive in its visual design. An information screen/program that makes you go "wow" on looks alone, whether public or proprietary. Any screenshots? I hope I'm describing this right.
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Like this?
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Response by poster: No, not on the web or in print -- an actual computer display (hardware, software, proprietaryware).
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Gauge cluster in the Honda S2000.
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Like this?

I would also recommend the information displays for several strategy-heavy video games.
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You might want to spend some time reading through the entries on the blog.
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Sounds like you're looking for interface eye candy, rather than clever or graphics-rich information design.

If that's the case, I'd check out what the Photoshop-masters churn out when given the opportunity to "skin" programs like WinAmp.

You could also look up some of the old Kai's Power Tool screenshots or even just some random interface designs via Google.
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(I should note that while slick, Photoshop-based GUIs have a higher "wow" factor than, say, Windows XP, they are generally exceedingly poor examples of functional, usable or even user-friendly designs, though the Kai's Power software suite at least tried to introduce some different interface paradigms that were "outside the box" in the name of creative expression.)
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Google for "shell replacements". Litestep for instance.
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I've been most impressed by the sheer usefulness of SpaceMonger.
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The TiVo interface is pretty sweet.
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Try Edward Tufte's site.
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This is probably not what you're looking for as it's not actually useable, but there's the Star Trek screen thing as a screensaver. Colorful eye candy.
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