Where to get the good GIS stuff free?
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GIS historical datasets for national / provincial boundaries?

I am looking for GIS data for use in ArcGIS.

What I need is world historical data, mainly political boundaries from 18th-20th century. Other social stuff would be good, but the borders are the key bit.

It needs to be free and open source or very liberal license terms.

Is there anywhere to find this? Such a thing exists?
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What parts of Earth are you looking for?

The UK seems to be getting a LOT better at providing real free data
British Library

shp files of UK counties - Free
and go up a livel for lots more data types

Also this from University Portsmouth - some dead links but some go interesting places to datasets

I'm unsure about licence terms for any of this sorry
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Have you already checked Esri? I think their stuff is free and I know they have historical maps and things.
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Good US stuff here: https://www.nhgis.org/
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