Can we overthink ramen bowls?
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I'd like to get some ramen bowls - is there anything I should look for? Do you have an especially awesome ramen bowl that you recommend? Of course, I'd love for it to be microwave/dishwasher friendly. Bonus question - your go-to ramen/rice/noodle bowl favorite recipe or source for recipes?
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If you like cats, try this one. It's been working well for me.
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My favorite ones are about 5C/1.2L capacity, about the size of a small ramen or pho in a restaurant, which is all I need for home use. Designwise I prefer the "bowl" shape to the "cone" shape.
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We have a pottery one with the chopstick holder holes/dent, and I really like it.
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These are called bistro cereal bowls, but I like them for ramen. I’m a big fan of all-white dishes though. The color plus being wide at the top makes the food look pretty. They are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe.
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These are my favorite bowls as they are large enough for ramen, pho, grits, all kinds of soups, pastas + sauce and everything in between. They're really versatile and substantial without being unwieldy. They've been microwaved and through the dishwasher countless times with no issues.
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Corelle Ware has a nice aspect ratio and is inexpensive and very sturdy.
I like that they can hold a full portion, but two bowls easily fit in my microwave together, unlike wider aspect bowls that have to go separate.
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Do you have an Asian grocery or housewares/100yen-slash-dollar stores nearby? They will have a housewares section with platters, rice bowls (the type with the lid), sauce dishes (make excellent mise en place bowls), soup bowls, soup spoons, and giant soup bowls, same as you would see at a Pho restaurant, and those work great for ramen. They will likely be melamine and more or less bulletproof, and they are 80% cheaper than I have found online anywhere, but if you are looking online be aware they're sometimes sold by ounce size and sometimes by diameter, and they go up to 90-something ounces (huge). Mine are about 52 ounces (9.75" I guess, based on these similar bowls but I paid maybe $5 each)and that's big enough for a sweat-the-finish bowl of ramen or pho, Big Salad, or icewater bath for a dozen boiled eggs.

They're so big I'd have trouble with the weight of a ceramic version. I don't mind melamine.
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I got mine at Target.
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Microwave-safe is really handy if you're making instant ramen. I'm happy with these cheap bowls. They're $6 on Amazon but probably like $0.99 if you go to a local Asian maxi-mart.

Since you asked for ramen add-ins, I like soy sauce marinated hardboiled eggs. Very easy; 6 minute egg, peel, put in a baggy with some soy + mirin, wait a day. Hot dogs are also not bad in instant ramen. Some people like American cheese but it ain't for me.
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I'm not clear if you're looking for a bowl to eat the ramen out of or to cook it or both, but if it's the latter, there's the Rapid Ramen Cooker and it works great for cooking.
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I have a set of these and I love 'em. I'm a fan of unusual design and different edge height is absolutely turning me on :D!
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