Summer shoes for weak ankles
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Looking for recommendations of shoe styles to wear that will support my ankles, with closed toes.

I've been wearing Chelsea boots all winter on the advice of my podiatrist for weak ankles from fibromyalgia and back pain. On a sunny weekend I wore slip on sneakers and had so much pain afterwards.

I've got no idea what style of shoe to buy for spring/summer that will support my ankles, I would like closed toes as I live in a busy, dirty city.

I've bought some sports ankle supports for the interim but this is not the most stylish or professional!
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Is there a reason not to continue wearing the boots? I think ankle boots can look great with shorts and dresses, and you know they work for you. Your feet might get hot but I think that’s unavoidable with closed toed that are substantial enough to provide ankle support.

Hiking boots also usually have good ankle support and you can probably find something breathable - not sure if that’s a style that works for you since the aesthetic is so different than what you’ve been wearing.
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Response by poster: It's the heat, it gets really hot in Paris over the summer, it was 28c/82f last weekend.
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Would cutout or perforated ankle boot styles work for you? Examples: this or this.
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Birkenstock shoes might be an option.

Also have you tried wearing wool socks in your boots?
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Just saw these on someone's feet yesterday at the gym: Geox shoes have holes in the soles to increase airflow.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I own cutout Chelsea boots so will see if my feet stay cool.
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